Some Qualities of beautiful person

  • Even though what is considered beautiful varies from person to person, there are a few broad characteristics that most people seem to agree on:
    • Health is beautiful. There’s nothing beautiful about destroying your body, even if you do it slowly by neglecting your body.
    • Character is beautiful. Think of the most beautiful people you know; now imagine them spitting on a homeless person. They’re not very beautiful anymore, are they?
  • Tell yourself every day when you wake up: “I am beautiful. No one can take that away from me.”
  • If you are getting older – in your thirties, forties, or older, you will be beautiful in a different way than a younger person. You will have lines, perhaps scars, perhaps some grey, you may have mannerisms or ways of moving that have become uniquely you. For a woman, you can take these changes and either use them to feel deeper, richer, more nuanced, more sensual, or you can feel worn down, comparing yourself to younger women.